"As an athlete, I can always count on acupuncture to help with the various aches and pains associated with running and biking. And as an added bonus, I always find that it brings a sense of balance and calmness with it. It makes a lot of sense to treat the 'entire' body as a whole, and that seems to be a very important component that I have found missing in traditional western medicine. I would recommend acupuncture to anyone looking for a holistic way to handle your own health and well-being."


"I tried acupuncture for the first time to relieve severe back pain. I felt 90% better immediately after the first treatment and 100% better after the following two treatments. Not only did acupuncture get rid of the pain, but I also felt more relaxed and generally less anxious. Even without any pain, I continue to see Susan for treatment. For me, the treatment feels amazing and very soothing, more like a massage, but with better results! Now Susan is helping me to quit smoking. I highly recommend acupuncture to everyone, whether for severe pain or just general health. It's an incredible experience!"


“Susan’s acupuncture treatments have been a source of great healing for me. It is
unlike anything else I have experienced and leaves me with a feeling of calmness after
each session.” 


" I have a very painful deteriorative joint condition in my neck and tried so many treatments with only minimal and temporary results. After 2 or 3 acupuncture sessions I had amazing pain relief. With ongoing treatments my neck pain is totally manageable and the quality of my life has improved a hundred-fold. Susan is a remarkable acupuncturist and, as importantly, she is a compassionate and caring human being." 


"I found acupuncture to be good for everything from mood, to PMS, to tennis elbow (now completely gone).  I wish I could go every week!"


"Susan complements the other wellness work I do and helps me understand the big picture, energy, diet, exercise and how I can improve the whole-body flow physically, spiritually and emotionally."


"I am 84 years old. A few years ago my daughter called Susan because I was in so much pain from Spinal Stenosis and sciatic nerve pain. I had gone to Chriorpractors, doctors, took medications and did physical therapy but nothing made a difference. I ended up using a walker and was actually bent in half in pain. After a few months of acupuncture I improved tremendously and now walk straight with no pain or walker and only visit Susan when needed."


"I am new to acupuncture therapy and was amazed with the success of clearing knee and elbow joint problems and keeping the lower back in tune. Reducing  cholesterol was an unexpected extra!" 


"I first went to Susan for acupuncture about 4 years ago. When I walked in my low back was so bad I couldn't put my shoes on. After my first treatment i got up and put my own shoes on. A Miracle! Although my subsequent visits have not been so dramatic, something has kept me from having back surgery. I also have not had a sore throat, cold or other minor illness and no allergy symptoms since receiving acupuncture treatments. I find it a totally relaxing experience."


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